Mainframe Industries 2021-Present

Working as a Senior Gameplay Programmer an unannounced game in Unreal Engine 5

CCP Games 2013-2021

EVE-Aether Wars

Public prototype using eve assets, Unreal Engine 4, and Hadean’s Aether server technology, to test viability of truly massive multiplayer. We ran several public tech demos maxing out at around 2500 concurrent players in one match. And around 10000 players including bots.

Project Nova

Worked on the first person shooter codename project nova. Mostly worked on UI, the game used Unreal Engine 4

AR Prototypes

Worked on various Augmented reality prototypes on platforms ranging from microsoft hololens to Googles project tango. Most prototypes where made in Unreal Engine 4, with a short stop with Unity.

EVE-Online – 2013-2017

Senior Software Engineer at CCP games, mostly working on EVE Online. Have taken part in redoing the new player experience two times (opportunity system, and inception NPE), was the primary engineer on the notification system. Generally work on the full stack, client and server being python, while database is Microsoft SQL server stored procedures.

Gogogic 2009-2013


Cake pop party

Cake pop party is a social cake pop making and sharing app for iOS with social feature. You can share your creations, comment on others and rate them. Website here

My role

Senior/Lead Programmer. I started the project and was a part of it to the end, picked technologies to use on the client side and implemented the core features in the creation part of the game. Also dealt with technical communication with the client and the art studio. I was mentoring a junior programmer on the project (who was coming from assembly 20 years ago)

Team size : 3-6


Godsrule is a multi platform village management RTS hybrid “Mid-core” MMO published by Sega.


  • Multi-platform (ios, web, air)
  • Real time PvP & PvE combat
  • Persistant world

My Role:

  • Lead client programmer, programming core features like Real-time combat, as well as doing optimisations with focus on iPad. Communicating with game design & art leads over the course of the project.
  • 3-4 Client programmers
  • 1-2 Game designers
  • 3-4 Artists
  • 1-3 Server programmers
  • 1 Quality assurance


Soft freak fiesta

Soft freak fiesta was a simultaneous turn based multiplayer game in which the objective was to beat the opponent either by killing him with pure force or throwing them out of the map. Each player selected what their freaks should do, when both players had selected their move the turn played out. This was repeated until one player got rid of the opponents freaks, or everyone died.


  • Multiplayer over bluetooth & Internet
  • Multiple races with different abilities
  • Multiple game-modes and levels
  • Objective-C & Objective-C++, CocoaTouch, OpenGL es 1.0, Box2D
My Role
  • Programmer. Came into the project quite early, programmed a lot of the gameplay features & multiplayer, made some improvements on the core-framework/engine. Was the first commercial game I worked on.
  • 2 Programmers
  • 1 Game designer
  • 1 Artist

Vikings of thule


  • Facebook Flash/AS3 multiplayer game
  • Build & fight your way towards Althingi (parlament)
  • Customizable avatars


  • Actionscript 3, Adobe flash, Java, Smartfox server (Java), mysql

My role:

  • Client: Post release support and new features
  • Load testing & server optimization
  • Game design support & analytics
  • 1-


Tiny Places


  • iOS action puzzler published by big fish
  • Gorgeous graphics and fun gameplay
  • Objective-C, Cocoa, CocoaTouch, Cocos2D, Box2d
My role:
  • Post-release in game features & bug fixing
  • Programming Asian localisation (Chinese, japanese, korean)

Rupture prototype


  • Hex grid, turn based tile strategy meets magic the gathering
  • Was working prototype, but focus went on other projects


  • Objective-C, CocoaTouch, Smartfox server (python)

My role:

  • Lone programmer, both server & client, client in Objective-C, server in python



  • iOS action puzzler


  • CocoaTouch, C#, XNA

My role:

  • Re-release consulting, experiments in porting it to XNA, small post-release bug fixes.

Midi.is – 2006-2009


  • Designed and programmed a movie ticketing system
  • Both the client residing on the POS systems as well as an admin system.
  • Web services and database programming.
  • Scanning solution for Herjólfur (scanning sold tickets)
  • Support and service of multiple ticket systems (Theaters, Concerts, Boat)


  • C#, windows forms, WPF, ms-sql & ADO.net
  • database and related web services.


  • Used by all the icelandic movie theatres,
  • now used by Smárabíó, háskólabíó, borgarbíó, laugarásbíó and bíó paradís
  • midi.is website

Videntifier technologies – 2009


  • Worked on the client and webservice side of their multi-platform video identification solution(Videntifier)


  • Ruby, C++, QT, MFC


  • Multi-platform client for their video identification platform